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Are you worry about performing the coming investment project?



Building durable production branch

We are looking forward to combining customers’ benefit with our benefit in order to together develop durably.

Who is Nam Trung?

First of all, the director department and all staff in Nam Trung Consultant Design Construction Joint Stock Company desire you to be healthy and success.

Nam Trung Consultant Design Construction Joint Stock Company is an enterprise specializing in designing and executing civil, industrial and infrastructure works. With the business philosophy of “Get belief, give value”, we always want to bring the success to all partners and customers. We think that your success is our success and development.

We would like to send you this company letter. Besides, we would like to cooperate with you on the design consultant, asking for building – fire prevention permission, construction, production and fabrication of steel structure in the future.

Moreover, we guarantee that you will get the best service and products with the most reasonable price. With cooperating desire together, Nam Trung Consultant Design Construction Joint Stock Company believes in the success and long-term cooperation between our partners and company.

Nam Trung Consultant Design Construction Joint Stock Company is a Joint Stock Company owned by qualified and experienced contributors. Over a decade of work and creativity, Nam Trung has accumulated work experience and management capacity in the construction field.

We always think that we get the belief when receiving a job. With the potential from the equipment as well as the young, dynamic team, we surely give the best value to investors. “Get belief – give value” is the slogan of our company.

In the orientation of operation and development, Nam Trung Consultant Design Construction Joint Stock Company always improves the level of management staff, technical staff and train the skillful workers. Therefore, we maintain and believe in “give value” motto for our customers.

When the investor believes Nam Trung, we committee finish the work in the shortest time with the highest quality.

Meeting NAM TRUNG representatives

With our passion and experience in construction field, we are confident to fulfill the commitment with our customers.

BUI LAMDirector General
“Home is peaceful place, the factory is the place to create that peace.”
VO NHU QUANG VINHDeputy Director
“Quality and progress are two elements to affirm the mind and talent of Nam Trung.”

Representative Project

Nam Trung towards to the associated lifelong relationship with the customers through the quality of the entrusted projects.


Why do the customers choose Nam Trung?

“Get belief – Give value” is not only Nam Trung slogan but also is our customers’ feel.

Customers’ Belief

Over the past decade, Nam Trung always strives to build the quality works and receive many customers’ belief.

Get Quotation

Do you consider to choose the steel structure corporation?

Do you want to get the construction quotation?

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