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Have your investment decisions been reasonable yet?

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When investing the construction, the first thing that the investors need to do is to plan the project in order to consider and assess its economic and social effects. Based on the scale, nature and investment, we will have the different requirements about the content of the project.

Nam Trung has both competence and many experience years in the construction field. Also, Nam Trung has the capability of planning the investment construction projects.

If the investors do not have time or experience to plan the construction project, Nam Trung may support them.

We look forward to working with the investors to build quality buildings with the shortest time.

The investors would like to be able to design the construction work  by themselves to show all of their ideas. Construction law allows the investors to design their works when they have enough capacity according to the kinds of works.

In case the investors entrust the design consulting, Nam Trung would like to cooperate with them.

Nam Trung specializes in consulting and designing the general layout planning, architecture, structure, ME for the works such as:

  • Civil & Industrial Construction
  • Culture & Sports Works
  • Commercial & Service Works
  • Urban Technical Infrastructure
  • Industrial Zone, Export Processing Zone, Hi-tech Zone,…

Especially, Nam Trung is capable of designing works according to the standards of different countries when the investor request that.

NAMTRUNG supports the client to carry out the procedures and permits in construction such as:

Get construction permission
Possible report
Fire protection license
Environmental Impact Assessment
Design verification

The EPC contract, is also known as the contract about design – supply of technological equipment and work construction.

The EPC contract is the agreement between the owner and the contractor on the performance of the package of all work in a project, including the performance of survey, design, the procurement of materials, equipment and attached technical service, construction and installation to put the works into operating synchronously.

The benefits to the owner when using EPC contract:

  • Minimizing of project management personnel.
  • Using experience and expertise of EPC contractors.
  • Minimizing the risks in the process of design, supply and construction
  • Advantages in financial supply for the project / contractor.
  • Shorter project execution time.

Factory constructions requires the large space in order to satisfy producing industrial process and producing service.

Including to production factory, production operation, production Work and Engineering Work.

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Works require the large space, quick time, and flexibility in order to satisfy business plan.

The constructions are such as Commercial Center; Supermarket, Retail store, F&B Restaurant and Logistic center.

The large-scale works which require the big space and special feature, are often used the steel structure solution.

The constructions are such as Conference Center; Theater; Club; Museum; Exhibition; Stadium; Gymnasium; Sports and Physical Gymnastics Center.

The specialized works are high and strong before the storms.

The typical works are such as Telecommunication Broadcasting Station, The house of Communication, Microwave Station, Earth Station and Communication Works.

Steel structure is a metal structure which is made of structural steel components connect with each other to carry loads and provide full rigidity. This structure is used widely in the building industry, especially in large-scale construction (steel pre-engineered buildings) by the useful features of the steel.

Nam Trung Consultant Design Construction Joint Stock Company is an enterprise with a lot of experience in the field of construction and steel structure. The processing of steel structure in the factory is one of the outstanding advantages and a guideline in our operation. Therefore, the process of processing steel at the workshop is really important because the precision & the quality of the components are guaranteed or not due to this process. There are many advantages such as high strength and reliability; the weight of the steel is slightly lighter than that of concrete; easy transport and installation; high industrial feature and the waterproof ability. However, there are still disadvantages such as being affected by the environment and ease oxidized. Therefore, the works using steel structure will be covered with paint protection and anti-rust paint to prevent steel deterioration and poor fire resistance.
To get a good steel structure building, please contact with us to get the best advice for your project.
Namtrungcons Company guarantees all your works.
Some typical steel structure works of Nam Trung are such as:

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Over the past decade, Nam Trung always strives to build the quality works and receive many customers’ belief.

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