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Building a steel structure building, what should you know?

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    The types of steel structure construction

    When the investor believes in Nam Trung, we will finish the work in the shortest time with the highest quality

    Industrial Factory

    Factory constructions requires the large space in order to satisfy producing industrial process and producing service

    Quick Work

    Including to production factory, production operation, production Work and Engineering Work.

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    Commercial & Service

    Works require the large space, quick time, and flexibility in order to satisfy business plan

    Mobility & Flexible

    The constructions are such as Commercial Center; Supermarket, Retail store, F&B Restaurant and Logistic center.

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    Culture & Sports

    The large-scale works which require the big space and special feature, are often used the steel structure solution.

    Long Span

    The constructions are such as Conference Center; Theater; Club; Museum; Exhibition; Stadium; Gymnasium; Sports and Physical Gymnastics Center.

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    Contact & Telecommunication Information

    The specialized works are high and strong before the storms.


    The typical works are such as Telecommunication Broadcasting Station, The house of Communication, Microwave Station, Earth Station and Communication Works.

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    Experience Year
    Capacity of 500 tons of steel structure each month
    Executed Work
    ISO 9001 : 2015

    Representative Project

    Nam Trung towards to the associated lifelong relationship with the customers through the quality of the entrusted projects.

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    Why do the customers choose Nam Trung?

    “Get belief – Give value” is not only Nam Trung slogan but also is our customers’ feel.

    Representative Partner

    Over the past decade, Nam Trung always strives to build the quality works and receive many customers’ belief.

    Building durable production branch

    Nam Trung is looking forward to contributing to the prosperity business of our customers.

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