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Project Manager (2 positions)

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Job description: Organize and operate the Site Commanding Committee; Formulate measures to organize the construction of the site, set the construction schedule; Prepare detailed construction implementation plan; Responsible for the progress and quality of the work; Responsible for managing construction personnel; occupational safety management; Manage, direct, guide on technical issues, plans and progress as well

Technical director

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Job description: Managing and operating all activities of the Design Department; Project Management Department and steel structure production workshop; Directing, dispatching and supervising the activities of officers and employees of the above divisions; Representing the company to work with the investor on technical issues of the project; Leading all technical activities of the Company; Technical

Project management

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Job description: Receipt of Bidding Documents/ Request for quotation from customers/ Board of Directors/ PKD. Prepare and finalize the Bid/ Bidding Documents/ Contract to submit to the Director for approval. Make detailed project implementation plan from the stage of production - transportation - erection - completion - handing over the project to the customer for

Civil and industrial design engineer (3 positions)

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Job description: Design & prepare design documents for the work items received from the assignment of the Design City; Deploy design drawings, deploy detailed drawings for construction and production. Calculate volume (BOQ); Estimation works; Carry out the work related to the Design Department such as printing, publishing drawings... Professional requirements: Graduating from universities of construction,

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